happy pills vade mecum

Check our handbook for the sweetest remedies for quotidian pains, heartbreaks, hangovers, bouts of sadness, your team’s defeat, because it is Mondays or you just watch TV news or a bad movie. Whatever it is you are suffering, here you can find a remedy or, at least, a relief for it.


The Brifcase– a shock therapy for rainy afternoons, fleeting annoyances or lovesickness. It contains two 50g. dosages, to administer within a few hours. Instantaneous effect on your mood. Available in Love (if in love), Skyline (for the coolest) and Rainbow (for the hippiest) formats.
You can fill it up with gummies, pills or chocolates.
Recommended dosage: 1 every 2-3 minutes.

The Pharmacy.- particularly suitable for contagious diseases: fits of sobbing, happiness, enthusiasm, boredom…To consume in moderation every 2-3 minutes. Available in Love, Skyline and Rainbow formats.

Magistral Formula:
an unbeatable treatment against everything. 250g. of happiness, made out of 35% of Om, 5% of essence of cuddling, 18% of fresh air, 26% of carpe diem and many drops of sweetness.


Pack Pink Cross.A must for any traveler, perfect to combine gummies, pills, and chocolates. You never know when you plane will be delayed, your train will stop in the middle of nowhere or a flooding will keep you locked in a hotel with the only company of a TV broadcasting in obscure languages.

First Aid Kit.- For immediate action against a melancholy fit, a sudden boredom, unexpected visits, love disappointment, etc. Swift administration will produce secondary effects such as laughter, smiles, guffaw, hugs and euphoria.

Survival Pill Box.– Carry-on remedy for everyday pains. It contains all kinds of treatments to face the day wearing a smile.

Be advised: whichever your diagnosis, we have a remedy for any kind of pain in our shops and in our web. And you don’t need a prescription!

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