Our new web makes its debut!

We are happy as ever: we have a new website! An innovative and fresh online shop where you’ll find everything you want to know about our brand, products, franchises and contact information, and where you can buy and personalize our candy and bottles. It is an amazingly easy, three-steps process: create your bottle, choose your pack, and customize your label.

Click on Create your bottle, choose among the 8 different sizes and flavors (multicolor, pills, love, choco) and write whatever you like in the label ( love you!, Happy B’day!, Safe Travels!), or choose one of our designs. And that’s it, your happy experience in just three easy steps.

We are also offering you packs (Minicase, Pharmacy, First Aid Kits…) which of course you can also personalize with your preferred label. It’s never been so easy to create you own candy bottle.

If you are getting married, if you are tired of the typical christening or communion candy, or if your company wants to send a sweet message to its clients, you can custom bottles with your logo, a photograph, a drawing or anything you fancy.

Come on, don’t wait to enjoy your happy experience and create your own candy bottle. We are positive that designing your bottle will be (almost) as happy as eating it!





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