Personalize your candy bottle

…or your pack. You probably know that you can create your own candy bottles, choose flavors and pick a label from our collection in the Happy Pills stores, and the same goes for your packs.

Now, we take it a step further and, in our web, you can write the line your prefer, you can choose labels from our gallery and even upload the image you want printed in the bottles.

If you are madly in love and you want the world to know, if it happens to be a special birthday, Mother’s Day, Pride Day or whatever. Easy. Just browse and pick a bottle or a pack, then choose a flavor and write whatever you want: I love you, Happy Dady’s Day, You’re the Best, I’m by your side, Should we sleep together? Let’s elope…You’ll have it delivered at home in three days (a bit longer if you live at the Poles).

In case you are not inspired, we have a gallery of labels written in Spanish, Catalan, Basque, English and soon, in other languages: Hangover Remedy, Emergency Kit, Happiness Pod…But, if you feel creative, you can design your own style, upload a drawing or your company logo, personalize your bottle for a wedding invitation, a presentation, a christening. In three days you will receive them wherever you are (please be patient if you order 400 bottles or if you live in Australia) and be ready to distribute your sweet remedies for daily ills, that is, your own personalized candy bottles.

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